Our Story

Our Story.

Old School Bagel Café is a fast-casual restaurant that pays homage to the traditional New York water-boiled bagel. When you enter the café you are immediately made to feel like you are right at home – the bagel makers greet you with a smile, eager to make you the culinary masterpiece that is a New York style bagel.

Danny Cowan spent 20 years in the bagel business perfecting the New York water-boiled bagel prior to opening the first Old School Bagel Café. After moving back to Oklahoma from Denver, Cowan eventually gave into the pressure he was receiving from hungry locals to open up a bagel shop. He and his childhood friend Wayne Hansen opened the Quail Plaza location in August of 2007, and since then they’ve opened 11 more locations in Oklahoma. Kyle Tapp, another childhood friend, joined his friends in the bagel making business in 2010.

While most bagel shops have abandoned the all-important boiling process, Old School Bagel still does things the old school way. The process begins at the bagel shop around 3am, when thousands of bagels are boiled and then baked before opening the store. The result is the perfect bagel — crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. “It’s really not a bagel if you don’t water boil it,” says Hansen. This philosophy is written on the walls of most of their restaurants – “No New York in the name … but the bagels are the same.”

Old School Bagel Café offers a diverse menu with options for most dietary preferences. Cowan, Hansen, and Tapp handpicked the best deli meats from all different carriers, instead of choosing just one. Their salads are made to order with delicious fresh vegetables.

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